What is the winery’s ‘unique selling proposition?” or,

put another way, what is your ‘elevator pitch?’

Is your mission statement up to date?

How do you watch for coverage of your winery?

What is in your press kit? Is everything up to date?

Is everything that’s in your press kit also on your website?

Who reaches out to wine writers at the winery? How often does that happen?

Do you send samples to wine writers? What goes with the wine?

When one of the winery principals travels out of the area, do they meet with wine writers in other communities?

What is the winery best known for? This could be a specific wine or your view or your building or another aspect.

Which wine generates the most comment or interest? Why?

Which wine is produced in the greatest volume (and/or has the highest priority to be sold)? How do you differentiate your publicity outreach based on the wine/s?

Do you enter wine competitions?

What is the winery’s history with major wine writers?

What was the one most significant/results-producing example of publicity coverage in the winery’s history? It might have been intentional or accidental….

What is your “fantasy” public relations placement or success?

What is the most frequently misunderstood point about the winery?

Do you want to drive traffic to the winery tasting room or website or both?

What are your top 5 markets?

What would the winery like the top 5 markets to be?

Do you participate in national wine & food events?

Do you have any ‘strategic alliances’ with other businesses?

Do you pursue philanthropic or cause marketing tie-ins?